by Nouveau

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released June 19, 2014

Zach Elias - Guitar/vocals
Michael Dunne - Drums/additional vocals
Drew Daigle - Bass

Recorded by Paul Rogers at the Contemporary Music Center
Mixed by John Michael McCasland
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios
Artwork/Design by Alex Miracle



all rights reserved


Nouveau Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Annapurna
Haze engulfs the rivers muddy banks
An abandoned barge waits silent and alone
In a portrait drenched in fog, I walk
As a bird of prey sits atop his throne

Days like these feel only partially real,
Give a warm embrace to the tides that we feel
I don't remember my own name
Condition one cold swept it away
I left my bones on Annapurna
When we were a thistle by the waterfront
Once there was an islet here,
But long ago it sunk
Track Name: Circular Trap
12:39 AM, the building is abandoned
Toiling away in hopes for the words to come
The sound of the interstate hums nearby,
As any form of catharsis escapes me
Bygone eras and useless voices
Have ensnared me in their circular trap
Waste away in nostalgia and worry,
They won't ever fucking find me

I remember every month separated in distance and time
The different stages of my youth act as my shackles
It's impossible to cope with the passing of a lifetime
When my perception of the past is skewed by memories I don't have

You never knew why I said this with a blank face,
I didn't either
Track Name: River House
Tune in to the pulse in your head
The winding around your arms
The tangled wiring in your head
Is momentarily disconnected
Another day I've found myself here
Beneath the old bridge
Sailing down the creek on a pocket of air
On a ship of dirt and animal bone

This will change,
This can't remain.
Track Name: Joaquin
There's nothing to trust but the shifting of the sands
Burying the monuments of a once great city
An empty forum scorched in the sun
Where every door is sealed shut
These canyon walls have forgotten how to echo
Silent and still they wait for a sound
For a frail voice to churn out an echo
To bounce off the walls, cracked and wasted

Joaquin, Ulysses

The stone buildings begin to crumble
As a warm water current floods the void
I jerk my head, I kick my legs
But I am betrayed, I am betrayed
We swallow the cascades, our lungs are crushed
Our bodies are swept away, buried in dust
I jerk my head, I jerk my head
But I am alone, I am alone
Track Name: Surface Tension
Surface tension, breaking slowly
Forget that I said anything.
I've waited here too long

A message in the sand, etched for the passing ships
I can't look at a picture of you without feeling sick

Every signal goes unseen,
No noises can be heard and there's nothing to be said
I've waited here for ages,
In a state of solidarity, on a sinking vessel

I can still hear your voice, lingering like a plague
All of my nerve wasted, in bitter release
I can still hear your voice, lingering like a plague
Your intermission is ceaseless, it's here where I'll wait

Surface tension
Breaking slowly
Forget about me
Track Name: Familiar
Patterns slide across my bare walls,
Their shapes manipulated by the angles of my room
A distorted message by the passing of a car
Another stranger on their way as I lay here in the dark
Voices in the distance remind me I'm not alone,
In my corner of a city that I can't call a home
This sight is so familiar to me now,
Time seeps away as my minutes count to hours

A strained thought dances across my eyelid
That my ship may never sail, that I was doomed from the start
This pattern repeats, like a fractal taking shape
My days escape unnoticed, my nights are all the same
I lie here motionless till my restlessness takes hold,
I reach for my old coat, for another night into the cold

The same narrow street lies waiting just the same
As I had left it just the night before
The same empty houses, lined with trees
As indications of the stars peer from distances in-between
This road is a vein winding seamlessly,
In the endless sprawl that surrounds me
It's here where I surrender my doubts
I'm trying to go home, just tell me how